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Behind the Mask

and I’m a licensed esthetician with over 15 years of industry experience.  I started Altruistic Esthetics with a single intention: to offer the highest standard of treatments that will not only help you to look your best, but also enhance your total health and wellbeing.  I offer my clients results-driven facial treatments that are as luxurious as they are effective.  By integrating clinical and wellness approaches, my treatments address the specific factors that will enhance your skin’s condition and maintain its integrity.

In addition to facial treatments, I’m a highly skilled waxer who specializes in brow shaping and correction.  I’m also an expert in face and body sugaring, and one of the only certified Alexandria Professionals technicians in the Chicago area.


I’ve dedicated my life, personally and professionally, to living a healthy lifestyle and giving back.  I’m constantly educating myself on the latest products and techniques that are consistent with my wellness-centered approach so that I can offer my clients the best that the industry has to offer.  Outside of the treatment room, I donate my time and resources to helping causes that speak to my heart.  Follow me on Instagram to see more about how Altruistic Esthetics is impacting the community!

I’d love to discuss how I can help you achieve the skin you’ve always wanted, so book your appointment or contact me!



My name is Pamela Arcand,

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